-Sheena Melwani

They say that music has the power to get us through everything, and nothing could be truer for Sheena.  An inspirational artist, Sheena Melwani has earned a reputation as a talented musician and skillful performer.  From live shows to studio sessions and more, she continues to find herself through her music and perhaps, most importantly, brings joy to many with her voice.

Sheena Melwani is a media artist, with roots as a singer and songwriter.  With nearly 13 million views on YouTube, Sheena has been able to connect with listeners on a worldwide level.  She inspires by using a powerful blend of new media technologies and popular music to communicate and influence with a positive spirit.  Her expansive travel and life experiences have allowed her to develop a diverse international fan-base.  Whether you catch her in person or live during SheenaTV (a live internet broadcast that features Sheena's musical diversity and provocative interactive discussion with the audience) there is no doubt her music is based on real experience, and filled with love and passion.  Sheena is also presently hard at work on her much anticipated debut album. 


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